Asung Clean Flow Tech CO.,LTD was founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of Asung Plastic Valve.

CLEAN PVC (CLEAN PVC VALVE and PIPE & FITTING), developed for the first time in Korea is suitable for high-quality ultrapure water required in the semiconductor, LCD equipment, IT and BIO industries. In the meantime, we have succeeded in localizing production of the CLEAN PVC products using our own technology in place of the foreign products that were in the market before.

In 2012, we acquired performance certification of the Korea Fire Institute (KFI) and pioneered the firefighting CPVC piping market in Korea. We are expanding the use of CPVC for the domestic fire extinguishing market by increasing the ease of construction, safety, labor cost and cost saving compared to conventional sprinkler piping which is constructed with white pipe and copper pipe.

Moreover, our company plans to embark on full-fledged overseas marketing by participating in numerous exhibitions and fairs being held throughout the world as we carry out introducing excellent quality products with the technical capabilities and promoting our products consistently in order to be the best plastic valve manufacturing company.

Besides, in line with our business goal aforementioned, we are trying our best to seize No.1 position on the plastic valve market at home and abroad by taking quality and business renovations in addition to satisfying the quality requirements defined in the ISO9001 Quality Certificate.

We promise that we will d our best to improve quality, function and design of our products continuously to meet your valuable requirements thoroughly.