2014 April Obtained ISO 14001 of ASUNG Plastic Valve
and ASUNG Clean Flow-Tech Co.,Ltd
2004 September Established ASUNG Clean Flow-Tech Co.,Ltd
and began production of Ultra-Pure Water Clean Plastics
2002 February Received a Certification by Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation
validating the Use of the Synthetic Resign Pipes for Fire Fighting Piping Work
1997 July Obtained ISO 9001
KSA 9001 Quality Certificates
1995 November Designated as a Military Service Duty
Exempt Enterprise by the Office of Military Manpower Administration
July Company Converted to a corporate and changed
its name to ASUNG Plastic Valve Co.,Ltd
1992 March Acquired a Utility Model Right (No. 063407)
1989 September Acquired a Utility Model Right(No. 43657)
1989 October Set Up a New PP, C-PVC, PVDF
Pipe Production Line and Commenced Production
1987 November Completed Construction of new Head Office Building
in Guro-dong, Seoul and relocated to it
1985 October Completed Construction of new Factory
in Banwol Industry Complex in Gyeonggi-do and moved to it
May Chosen as a Promising Small and Medium Enterprise
by Korea Exchange Bank
1983 August Passed the Test Standard
for Valves of National Industrial Research Institute
1982 May Commenced export of Plastic Valve
Together with its Plants
1979 September Completed Construction of new Factory
in Namyanju, Gyeonggi-do and moved to it
1967 August Established Asung PVC Plastic Manufacturing Company